Mosaic Kits

Did you know that you could make a mosaic (in fact, two mosaics) without coming to a workshop? Make-a-Mosaic kits are available in my store, or you could order a custom kit. When you order a custom kit, you tell Amy what you want in the kit and she will put it together for you. Or, you can come to her private studio and choose the materials yourself.

Each kit comes with:

  • 2 bases

  • 2 tesserae bags

  • 2 embellishment bags

  • 1 bottle Tacky glue

  • 1 grout bag

  • instructions

To order your customized kit, contact Amy Glass, 972-746-7002. You can pick the kit up at the Richardson Mercantile or Amy’s private studio (Frankford & Coit).

Cost of a kit is $25.


Broken By Design Mosaics has two locations:

Richardson Mercantile (908)
101 S. Coit Rd, Richardson TX

Lone Sar Mercantile (J5)
2031 W McDermott Dr., Allen, TX 



Store Hours

 Monday - 10am - 7pm
Tuesday - 10am - 7pm
Wednesday - 10am - 7pm
Thrusday - 10am - 7pm
Friday - 10am - 7pm
Saturday - 10am - 7pm
Sunday - 12pm - 5pm


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